Our dynamic Summer 2016 show featured high-contrast artwork with an urban vibe.  We opened on Friday, July 1st, unveiling our energetic summer show, Black&White. High-contrast fine art...curated with artifacts, décor and jewelry that resonate. The show was fun and funkadelic! The joint was jumpin'!

Richard Baron

Stan Berning

Paul Bloch

Ann Burgund

Jack Charney

Jamie Chase

Maxine Chelini

Julie DeFeo

Frank Ettenberg

Michelle Goodman

Joseph Griffo

James Marshall

Nina Mastrangelo

Mayumi Watanabe

Dania Pruess

Sasha Pyle

Vivian Pyle

Rubber Lady

Will Schmitt

Spencer Snyder

Bill Sortino

Touri Strick

Gina Telcocci

Woody & Steina Vasulka

Leshek Zavitosvski