Nyamwezi-Sukuma Standing Female Statue

Nyamwezi-Sukuma Standing Female Statue


Nyamwezi-Sukuma Peoples, Tanzania

The Nyamwezi-Sukuma peoples of Tanzania are known for their large female and male statues which may be jointed or in one solid piece of wood as presented here. Their statue carvings are not embellished, are often roughly executed and are relatively sparsely described in the literature of East African art.  Most frequently Sukuma statues are used in the elaborate seasonal competitive dances between two tribal dance societies.  In the confines of each society's performance space, dancers move female and male figures in sexually provocative ways to amuse the crowd.  The performance that is most elaborate and gathers the most people wins the competition. This status would have been danced with a similar male statue.

Dimensions: 26.5 x 6 x 6 inches

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