Chokwe Ceremonial Ngulu Pig Mask with Raffia

Chokwe Ceremonial Ngulu Pig Mask with Raffia


Chokwe People, Angola/NW Zambia/SW DR Congo

The Chokwe animal  masks are less well-known and rarer than the Mwana Pwo masks.  They portray birds, and monkeys, and pigs.  The dancer who dons one of these masks becomes the spirit of that animal.  They are often danced with the Pwo mask and represent nature spirits and the wild side of nature.  They also improve the hunt.  As with the Pwo masks, animal masks are worn high up on the head allowing the dancer to see through the fiber cloth that is attached underneath to both sides of the mask.  This mask is finely carved, complete with raffia hair.

Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 8 inches (including raffia)

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